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Extreme HID's

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Specifically designed for aftermarket retrofitting to stock halogen lights. Bases designed to plug directly into vehicle's factory light housings with virtually no modifications.
May require substantial modifications.
Time between power ON and OFF
With Intelligent Ignition Protection System® (I.I.P.S), the ONLY HID system with circuit protection that could be powered ON and OFF continuously within 0.2 second interval.
No circuit protection may temporarily shut down, damage or cause the HID to malfunction permanently if HID is powered ON and OFF within short intervals continuously.
Water Resistance
Industry's FIRST 100% water resistant design, HID system could continue to function if contacted water or even UNDER WATER for short period of time.
HID system may damaged permanently if contacted water.
Color and pattern of Light Beam
Laser technology to calibrate the focus point and color of HID bulb for precise focused and correct colored light beam. Each bulb is also fully tested before packaging.
HID bulb may not be calibrated correctly to produce inconsistent color beam and pattern.
To ensure correct beam patterns Xtreme HID's DOES NOT use rebased/modified generic bulbs nor machined fittings with an adapter ring glued on HID bulbs. All Xtreme HID's products are up to the highest Japanese industry standard.
May use rebased/modified generic bulbs e.g. Phillips or machined fittings with an adapter ring glued on HID bulbs.
Micro-processer (CPU) controls 3 stages safety features to prevent ballast overload due to high temperature, power spike, and irregular voltage.
May temporarily shut down, damage or cause the HID to malfunction permanently due to high temperature, power spike, and irregular voltage.
Wiring Harness
Equipped with very long 24" power and bulb wiring harness for easy fitting.
Short wiring harness (usually about 12") makes installation very difficult.
Ballast and Igniter Designs
Separate ballast and igniter modules to reduce the size of both units for easy mounting. World smallest ballast.
Large and heavy modules make mounting very difficult.
Ease of Installation
Connectors equip with Reverse protection - the ballast will not damage if the positive and negative wires are plugged incorrectly.

Fool-proof connectors ensure correct connections.
System may easily damaged if positive and negative wires are plugged incorrectly.

Non Fool-proof connectors.
EMI-proof Cases & cables are designed to eliminate EMI (Electro-magnetic Interference) produced by high voltage of the HID system. No EMI protection. May cause severe interference with other electronic devices e.g. radio, navigation system, etc. in the vehicle.
Watch Video HID Installation on WRX  



We offer 4 types of ballasts for our kits. They are, 35w DC, 35w AC, 55w AC and 35w AC Slim. The main differences are that the 35w DC ballasts are cheaper and will fail if your electrical system is not in tip top shape. The 35w AC ballasts are designed to take some pretty good abuse and are about 20% brighter than the cheaper 35w DC ballasts. The 55w AC ballasts are about 60% brighter than the 35w DC and 40% brighter than the 35w AC ballasts. The 35w AC Slim ballasts are designed for extreme low voltage situations that are present in tucked engine bays or motorcycles. These are nearly as bright as the 55w AC ballasts, but again will take more abuse than any of the other ballasts mentioned.

Watch Video - HID Installation on WRX

Common HID Issues and FAQ's - Download PDF

Refunds/Returns/Exchanges: We are more than happy to help you with a return or an exchange.  If the item is in new condition and has not been installed or used we will gladly exchange it for another working item/s.  Freight is your responsibility each way.  For a refund, the item has to be in new/ un-installed condition.  If there are signs of tampering/installation your refund is VOID!

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HID light kits are not commonly referred to as a safety feature, but they really are.

HID Kits really add another dimension to driving at night that often goes unnoticed.

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