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T10 1210 4 SMD WHITE

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Specs & Features::

You are viewing a LED bulb with 4 1210 SMD LEDs(Brighter than LED) in Hyper White(6k). These are brighter than your stock halogens, but considered one of the lower outputs of the SMD/SMT line of LEDs we have to offer. If you would like the brightest LEDs please select the 5+ SMD/SMT lighting we offer. T10 style Wedge Short Round LED Light. Durable, shock and vibration proof, instant On/Off. Monochromatic (pure) color, low heat, virtually unbreakable. These need 12v to get the true color, and will work all the way down to 2v.

*Brand New T10 Super Bright Round LED Light Bulb with a 90day No Questions Asked Warranty through us!

*2 Amazing Color/Temps to pick from.

* All items are 100% brand new and ready to install.

* Long-lasting SMD LED and Wedge Contact Base.

*Designed for 12v DC current only.

* Easiest modification you can do to your car.

* Allows driving at night to be safer, acting as a warning to passing-by vehicles.

* Life expectancy up to 100,000+ hours

* Immediate "ON" provides a faster response time than incandescent bulbs.

* Vibration and Shock Resistant.

*Plug & Play Installation for 1minute or less installation time!

* Current draw (approx 180mA) offers extremely Low heat generation and low power consumption for improved performance & mileage.

* Bulbs appear as a small circle on a PCB Board when off and which ever color you purchase when turned on.

**This bulb type is mostly used on running light, tail light, turn signal light, corner light, stop light, Reverse light, brake light, parking light, sidemarker, back up light, Dome Lights, License Plate, Side Marker Lights, multi application etc.**




T10 Bulbs will replace any 3 digit part number bulb as well as: 147 152 158 159 161 168 184 192 193 194 259 280 285 447 464 501 504 555 558 585 655 656 657 1250 1251 1252 2450 2652 2921 2821 2825 12256 12961 M158 M155

LED Color Chart
T10 1210 4 SMD/SMT Bulb White T10 1210 4 SMD/SMT Bulb Blue



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HID light kits are not commonly referred to as a safety feature, but they really are.

HID Kits really add another dimension to driving at night that often goes unnoticed.

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